Wednesday, 7 March 2012

UKIPT Nottingham seat binked

Just a tiny post really not much content to say I locked up my £770 UKIPT Nottingham seat tonight in a £44 sat, so I will be playing that Day1B April 13th..

Also this weekend I'm playing Sky Poker Tour Leg 4 at the Alea in Glasgow.

See told you it was a tiny post

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Friday night at Genting Fountain Park

So just a little update, sticking to my goals of playing live at least once a month I went out and played at Genting last night. The tournie is £20+10+10 but after my last outing the 50p/50p cash game was always going to be the main attraction.

The tournie itself was really freaking frustrating.. 106 runners and I manage to start the 4th level after addons with 43k at 300/600.. not that I went round counting but  I reckon i was top 10 chips, gent to my right was the only one that had me covered with like 50k.. (this is important).

Villian loved the limp call with any Ace, I saw loads of showdowns from him and he'd limp call out of position with A3/A6/AK/A9. I'm not calling him bad he was getting some monster hands but was making sure he got max value from them he just obviously had very little knowledge of position or reverse implied odds.

Anyway big hand of the tournie Level 4 (300/600).. Im MP1 (43k).. villain (48k) limps UTG+1 and I make it 2k with AhKd.. Button with 12k flats and villian calls.

Flop As Kc Tc

Villain leads for 5k

I then start to think.. this is a really wet board but I have top two.. I'm discounting sets as he raises these UTG+1 always so what can he have.. sure he can have QJ here he can also have any Ax combo perhaps with a flush draw. My main concern is how deep I am the rest of the table doesn't exceed 15k and I don't have to get involved here but there is one hand in his whole range im scared of..

So i raise 10k to partly find out where I am and partly for value.

Button folds and he insta shoves.. Am I too deep to call here? I tank go through all his showdown hands where he has limp called.. he's shown Ax 7-8 times.. AT could be the very top of this range and he probably thinks he's good, Ax flush draws and QJ..

So I call he shows QJ and I head to the cash games after missing my 4 outs. Am I too deep to make this call? Perhaps in a bigger tournie i can find my fold but meh

Cash Games

So I get on the list for the 50p/50p game (£25min/£150max) and it's not started yet so its a little wait and we start up.

This is my second time playing this game on a Fri night, last time I played i bought in for £150 and left with £640.. mainly thanks to a very very drunken donator, donations aside I actually think I have a solid live cash game, especially 9 handed it seems to curb my agression and without offending anyone very few players playing this level have the ability to play 300bbs deep. I feel I have a sound understanding of position and playing deep and in my small sample size I felt I was the best player in the game.

This session wasn't to be as easy as my first.. played from 11 through til 5am and finished up with £610 from my £150 buyin. The players in the game were a lot more aggressive I also managed to miss two huge combo draws against the same guy which chipped away at my stack early on.

Hand that made the session was as follows.. ~ This is standard right?

5-6 hours into the session I'm playing £230 and have the button.. CO has £125 and BB has £300.. Folds to the CO who calls 50p I have KcKs and make it £3.50.. BB tanks for a bit and makes it £11, CO calls and I wait abit before making it £34.. they both call..

Flop 9c5c2c

BB comes out firing £67, CO folds and I think this is a pretty standard shove.. BB calls after saying I can't have the made flush and I probably have AcAx. He has red nines and I river the 3c. For a big pot.

So in two sessions i've won £950 in this game.. 1900 big blinds or 19 buyins for a standard £50nl game.. not bad for 16 hours work.. anyway i've only had 3 hours sleep after getting in at 5:30am so I am off to bed. Will definitely be playing this game again this month.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Re-Starting with some focus

First off I really regret deleting my old blog.. I had 5+ years of posts and decided I don't want to pay for the hosting anymore- Do you want to backup? Nah.. *Poof* and it's all gone five years of my poker rambling travels to Vegas,Bahamas,Blackpool all no more.

So I'm back blogging again, and back playing Poker again it seems.. just a kid (grown up now) with a dream of a WSOP bracelet and no mortgage because it's all been paid for from winnings of a card game.

For those that don't know me I've been playing for ~10 years mainly online with the occasional dip into live poker and I am patiently waiting for my one time. I go by the alias Suited_Jock online and was an active participant on the ITH and Blonde Poker Forums. I've played a few live tournaments WPT Bahamas, APAT Season 1, Gala Poker Tour, 2x UKIPT's, Venetian Deepstacks, Caesars Megastacks and have 3 flags on my Hendon Mob database (lol).

Up until last year I took a bit of a poker hiatus.. for a few reasons.. I was spending alot of time on my other hobby Ice Hockey and was really trying to improve my I.T career development (which has worked as I am now a 3rd line Advanced Technical Specialist  and know Microsoft SCCM inside out being the administrator for that here). That and the birth of my son which has turned life upside down in the best way possible

Back when poker was easy I made a lot of money, neglected bankroll management frequently but used all my winnings very well paying for my wedding, putting down a deposit on my house and quite a few trips to Vegas.

Year to Date

So far I am in profit for the year, which I am happy with (duh!), UKIPT Galway paid for itself with a small bit of profit leftover. I'm not gonna lie I found the standard of play quite good at UKIPT.. I know I held my own and everything apart from my bustout hand I was happy with (lol). 

Highlights of 2012 so far have included winning a Sky Poker £22 headhunter, I've played one live cash session 50p/50p blinds and scooped over 1000BB's in a 7 hour session, a couple of deep finishes in 180 man sngs on stars and all along the way i've been treading water in GPS and UKIPT satellites.. not won one yet but have enough deep finishes and subsats to actually not have lost any money playing them.


First off I want to improve, the game has changed alot and whilst I have had some success with a standard ABC TAG game i've made a fool out of myself deep in tournies running bluffs that will never work.

I'm going to stick away from profit driven goals.. this has something that I've done in the past and it's silly and I can't control that no matter how well I play as getting in the volume is going to be alot harder these days with the 16 month old mini me running around the house destroying stuff, also time with the other half is at a premium these days.

That in mind my goals for 2012 are

Play 10k hands a month starting at 50nl 6max 6-tabling move up when i hit 30buyins (the launch of Zoom Poker will defo help with this.. I really miss Rush)
Play Genting Poker Series Edinburgh
Re-Subscribe to Deuces cracked and watch 2-3 videos a week
Play 2x Live Cash Sessions
Spend one sunday grinding satellites to the biggies and play if I win a seat
Keep HEM and Bankroll Spreadsheet 100% up to date
Blog as much as I can

I'll be posting at the end of each month saying how badly I stuck to these goals lol

See ya at the tables