Saturday, 9 June 2012

May Review

After a busy weekend at the Genting Poker Series last weekend I've finally gotten round to writing my month review.

It will take the following format and will be a monthly occurence (duh!)

Review of Last Month Goals
Next Months Goals

So without further ado:

Review of Last Months Goals

Play 10k hands a month starting at 50nl 6max 6-tabling move up when i hit 30buyins

I actually played almost 20k and I've started at 25NL for some shrewd bankroll management

Play Genting Poker Series Edinburgh
Done See last blog Post

Re-Subscribe to Deuces cracked and watch 2-3 videos a week

I did subscribe but have struggled to watch videos have been mainly playing

Play 2x Live Cash Sessions
This one I'm going to alter.. I am following a much stricter bankroll management guide and the game plays really deep.. once i have a cash roll of buyins of £150 i will reconsider it.

Spend one sunday grinding satellites to the biggies and play if I win a seat
Played the SCOOP ME sunday.. lasted 3 hands in the Main event KK<AK for 300bbs preflop.. standard?

Keep HEM and Bankroll Spreadsheet 100% up to date

This is one im particularly please at.. kept the whole month completly up to date!!


Bottom Line: Played 18,355 / bb100 8.35 / +$382.41
Cleared $200 Pokerstars SCOOP Bonus


Ran well played approx 20 tournies buyins from $5-£430 5 cashes

2 2nds in $15 180 mans
1 deep run in the Genting Poker Series ME for 21/382

Total Profit: $1004

Next Months Goals

15k hands of 25nl
More Study time
Make a big run at half price Stars Sunday with lots of satellites to reduce my outlay

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